Violanto builds artificial intelligence system that increases sales by understanding customer’s needs and market demand. By analysing millions of data points in milliseconds, our proprietary algorithms focus on human emotions. Emotions that deliver action - purchase.
We use data to teach computers how we FEEL about products and services - creating higher conversion, sales and long-lasting relationship with customer.
Currently we operate in

Fashion & Automotive industry

TrendScore self-learning algorithm constantly feed itself with data from market intelligence reports, popular fashion blogs, monitoring social media trends and by analyzing customer behavior in real-time. Together with our dynamic e-commerce modules, TrendScore present closest step to humanless e-commerce operations.

We are passionate, focused and relaxed multi-cultural team of 8 professionals. CEO Dean has 16 years experience from Sydney to San Francisco, leading eCommerce, fashion and media companies with over $60M in revenue. Tech evangelist Damir leads our modular system development, while Olivia brings 12-year B2B marketing experience from BBDO, Ogilvy and Leo Burnett. Marija studied philosophy for 5 years before taking aim at our UI. Previously we collaborated with Porsche Holding, LuisaViaRoma, Toyota, IBM, Coogi, Arena Italia, VISA, Qualcomm, Shell, Valvoline, Times UK & others with great success. Looking forward to meet you and discuss our next project together. Have an amazing day!

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